I’m an introvert. I hope you are one too. 

I like wandering around in a city. (Specifically Taipei, since that’s where I grew up). I hope you like that too.

I currently minor in Advertising, and I’d like to go into Marketing someday, which is why I’m a marketing intern right about now. I hope you’re someone who’s interested in Marketing too, or just about anything you like.

I’m an English major. Like many English majors who are still in school out there, I feel very fretful about my future that doesn’t consist of teaching English or translation.

I’m  a Taiwanese university senior, used to live in America, and has an obsession with volleyball. Some might say it’s unhealthy, since I got into a lot of mishaps, but I’d say it’s a healthy opportunity to vent pressure accumulated from mundane daily life.

I love reading, writing, dream about traveling and getting lost somewhere on this planet. But most of all, I do not wish a life of pushing papers. I wish to make a difference, however small it may be.

Here, you’ll find some of my essays written from school, random scribblings, and stuff that I’d like to publish someday. Enjoy!


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